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The lifeblood of many businesses is investment. Without an investment of some kind, though financial is the most common, a company simply isn’t going to get off the ground. However, getting the type of investment required to either start a business or expand it can be daunting in certain circumstances.

Some businesses are fortunate. Those that come from wealthier backgrounds may often have sizable financial reserves to fall back on themselves, or even family investments to help a company expand. But for many, getting the investments required to enhance a business is not a given. It requires a lot of time, effort, research, and personal finance to get the needed backing.

The Challenge Of Finding Investors
For many businesses, especially those that grow beyond the size of a medium enterprise and are looking to expand, relying on family or personal finances, even from a wealthy background, is no longer a feasible path to growth. Many investors from the outside usually get involved at some point. When that happens, planning needs to be done to find those investors and convince them to contribute funding.

In the past, this was very challenging. Aside from a few notable names regularly mentioned in the financial section of major publications, a lot of research had to be conducted. Businesses had to get acquainted with the business community of a local area to find out who was a potential investor, and then either write elaborate documentation or conduct personal meetings to secure that investment. In the 21st century, things have changed a lot.

The Digital Explosion
Information is everything, but the speed with which information arrives is now also a significant factor in the path to success. The sooner people receive actionable information, the larger the window is to exploit that timing for success. The digital age has put more emphasis on the idea of speed and convenience coming with information, and this principle holds true with the ways that people seek out investors or look for projects in which to invest.

Thanks to advances in technology and digital distribution, data is not only easier to store, but also easier to process and retrieve. This means, for example, that conducting surveys to find people with specific demographics or characteristics is much faster now. Moreover, for people that want that information, there’s no longer a wait. At the same time, a list is compiled and then physically mailed. Digital lists can go out to recipients instantly.

However, the most exciting change when it comes to digital data is in the world of analytics. Much more information about clients and consumers is available than in the past. That data can now be processed and filtered by algorithms and other machine learning techniques. The added analytics power results in more meaning, context, and potentially useful predictions about consumption, purchasing power, and investment behavior emerging from this data.

Finding The Right Resources
One of the biggest challenges of securing investment is the time it takes to find those people that are actually in a position to provide the investment needed. While many people, for example, may show an interest in hearing more about a possible business venture that requires investment, casting a “wide net” to find anyone interested is usually going to yield a much lower number of people who, while engaged, have the means available to provide the investment needed.

This is where qualifications become essential. Many people looking for investment would love to have a “screening process” in place that filters out those that are interested but unsuitable, from those that meet all investment requirements, including having the resources on hand, right now, to provide that investment. While this is a desirable goal to shoot for, it does require a lot of effort and research to separate “the chaff from the wheat,” and come up with lists of potential investors that meet all a business’s hoped for qualifications.

Wall Street List Can Deliver
Wall Street List specializes in the database compilation of leads to meet different investment needs. The most critical factor with Wall Street List leads is that these lists only have prequalified investors, but what does that mean?

In this case, it means Wall Street List has already undergone a vetting process to filter out leads and ensure that they meet specific criteria to maximize the effectiveness of the list. That means higher interest, higher engagement, higher response, and a much better chance of these leads translating into actual investment and business growth. Our leads provide valuable data, such as:

  • Liquidity
  • IRA
  • Representative
  • Future Investment Preferences
  • Past Investments
  • Accredited (Based on SEC Information)
  • Annual Income
  • Occupation

And more. These details are secured in several different ways, gathered and filtered through various processes such as recent surveys filled out, attending seminars or other business events, and even mortgage data.

What You Get
When you use Wall Street List prequalified investor leads, you get the confidence of knowing these are recent, relevant leads, but you also get the fundamentals you need to work, including:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Work Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Email
  • Mailing Address

With these points of contact, you can take any number of different approaches, including sending detailed direct mail promotions, contacting and making your case via email digital marketing, or even through the use of telemarketing if that is your preferred approach.

We Can Help
If you are planning to find more investors, don’t spend any more time trying to collate them and size them up yourself. Act quickly with prequalified investor lists so that you already know that the only thing you need to concentrate on is making a compelling proposal for people who are ready to invest.

Wall Street List can provide the contacts you need, but can also assist in other ways, such as helping to formulate a digital marketing strategy, or even offer turnkey direct mail solutions that let you go from planning to creation to distribution all under one roof.

Don’t delay; start finding the prequalified investors that can make a difference to your business. Contact Wall Street List today and get leads you need to translate into business growth.

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