Investors With Deep Pockets Aren’t Just In The USA

One of the most critical aspects of business growth is investment. Some entrepreneurs are extremely fortunate in this regard. If they already come from a wealthy background, then their family has the means to help finance their early ventures without necessarily incurring any debt as a “gift” to someone trying to start a business for the first time.

For many people in business, however, this kind of safety net doesn’t exist, and investment is a long, hard road. Personal savings may be sacrificed. Loans from friends and family may be incurred, sometimes with interest. And of course, going to banks for loans, or appealing to professional investors for “seed money” can be a crucial part of scaling a business up to the size and scope it needs to be.

That’s one reason why the hunt for investors, while time-consuming, can be well worth the effort. Someone with sizable funds contributing to a company can make a huge difference in that company’s ability to operate. However, the search for investors is a substantial one, and far from easy.

A Limited Resource
One of the biggest hurdles in finding investors is finding out which people would be ideal investors, and then acquiring the means to approach them. Many people can claim an interest in investing, for example, but if it’s mere interest, with no actual funds to contribute, then this does nothing to advance a company’s progress. Investors should have the financial means to “put their money where their mouth is.” That kind of financial ability, combined with actual interest, is much harder to come by.

One of the easiest ways for people to do this on their own is, of course, scanning the financial section of a major publication. There are always business success stories about companies receiving investment from a high profile, accredited investor, and reading these stories reveals the names of these people. Unfortunately, the very public nature of such stories means that if you got the idea to approach that investor from reading the news story, thousands of other people will get the same idea and contact the same person.

This means competing for the same investment from high profile investors that only appear in public news stories is a fight for a minimal resource that only a tiny percentage of businesses will manage to win.

There Are Others
Of course, the fact is plenty of other investors, accredited or otherwise, are out there, with the funds and the interest to contribute to a business. However, these deep pockets investors may not regularly appear in the headlines of news stories, and in many cases, may not even be in the United States. The USA, while one of the wealthier nations in the world, is not the only country with wealthy investors. Many high net worth, accredited investor leads exist in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Asian countries like Singapore, or the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

Approaching these leads can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to look or how to start. It requires a significant commitment of resources in some of these cases to track down promising leads. Unfortunately, the effort required can sometimes divert resources and effort from what should be a more critical concern, crafting the actual approach and proposal that might convince these deep pockets investors around the globe to invest in your business.

Who To Find
Ideally, a business looking for investors should be casting a broad net around the world, looking for deep-pocketed international investors with high liquidity. These are the types of investors that have a significant chance of being an accredited investor as well, meaning they can finance other ventures that conventional, regulated transactions might deem too risky.

High liquidity in such deep-pocketed international investors means being able to act fast as well. An investor with high liquidity either can convert assets into cash quickly or already has the money available to divert to interesting projects that might yield profitable results immediately.

We Can Help
Wall Street List is a company that specializes in database accumulation, maintenance, and distribution. Rather than have you spend considerable time and money trying to track the accredited investor leads you may be interested in, such as deep-pocketed international investors with high liquidity, we’ve already done all the considerable investigation and verification required.

For businesses, this means that by engaging our services, all the time, effort, and vetting has already been taken care of. These are quality accredited leads, so even if the list isn’t filled with hundreds of thousands of names to choose from, it doesn’t need to. The high caliber and precision targeting of the leads mean there’s a much higher chance of engagement and favorable response. It’s just up to you to take the right approach.

How We Do It
Wall Street List compiles its data of accredited investors through many different but legal means. People who voluntarily submit to filling out surveys, for example, have willingly provided information. The same is true for investors that subscribe to email newsletters and give consent to have that information shared and used. Through these and other investigative and compilation methods, we ensure that not only does a list meet the investment criteria people want, but they can also even be specific about factors such as preferred investments, past investments, and even details about liquidity.

This means that when you come to Wall Street List, you get the detailed contact data you need to approach these accredited investors by physical mailing address, email, working phone number, and even home phone number in some cases. You’ll also, however, get in-depth information about their financial operations and preferences to ensure that when you reach out, you’ve given yourself the best possible chance of a positive response, as long as you’ve made use of the data you have.

If you’re ready to take the next step and want to move beyond the US to reach out to deep-pocketed international investors with liquidity, Wall Street List is here to help.

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