Wall Street List data offers a wide range of Fully Accredited Investors that are active and trading daily. Currently there are approximately 12.6 million accredited investors in the US. Getting the right segment of investors that fit your investment offering is the key to getting your start up funded, private placement filled or any offering that is a match with these sharp investors that are pre-interested in your type of offering. Wall Street List has daily active investors. Our Specialty Lists and Newsletter broadcasts have thousands of categories to choose from that are available around the world in virtually every country. We acquire information from many sources such as closed brokerage houses, previous investment campaigns, everyone has shared their investment experiences and preferences and opted to receive our offers for accredited investors that match their experiences. We then apply ourpatentedalgorithms to produce the exact list of fully qualified accredited investors. We have thousands of investor specialty lists with thorough demographic, psychographics, and even artificial intelligence applied in some cases along with previous investment experience that produce lists that in turn produce big dollars and repeat business. We have one of the largest investor databases of specialty lists available in the world with extremely large list counts and aggressive pricing that may not be the cheapest but ends up being FREE with the increased revenue raised. Large scale mailers and call centers are provided volume discounts that make our lists extremely competitive in today’s fast paced market place.  Our business specialty lists, with thousands of categories allow you to target difficult to reach business segments including decision makers, professionals, and executives, just to name a few.  Lastly all our lists are run through extensive accuracy procedures such as National Change of Address (NCOA) and Certified Address Accuracy System (CAAS) certified which creates the industry’s most accurate lists. Lastly, most importantly were completely independent. What happens is some Stock broker talks the boss into buying his leads because he is getting a kick back and your stuck with a old lead list and some Stock broker who is richer!!


Using our services assures you the BEST chance for success. We offer a range of services that can fit into most campaign budgets. Our minimum order is starting at $1,000 and that is not negotiable. Your tests and not being funded yet or trying to talk the boss into some leads still has to meet the minimum order requirements. Wall Street List is not for everyone which keeps our data not beat up and done. When you reach your prospective investor, he is not going to say this is the 10th call he has received today. We have private numbers that investors have put on file for some our specials offers that fits their investment portfolio.


Wall Street List is dedicated to having the highest quality data in the industry. Each record is examined by hand for quality and completeness by one of our database specialists.

Business Investor Database Accuracy

Our database specialists continuously update our business databases from over 5,000 public sources. We also place more than 20 million phone calls per year to verify and collect additional information from our investment clients. With our data, you can expect to have the highest deliverability rates and contact in the industry.

Consumer Accredited Investors Database Accuracy

Wall Street List’s consumer database specialists continuously update our records from new sources monthly. The database is also processed against both the USPS National Change of Address File (NCOA) and the Delivery Sequence File (DSF). Wall Street List’s information is carrier route and ZIP+4 coded using the US Postal Service certified Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). Even though consumers move on a regular basis, the quality of the Wall Street List’s consumer data will allow you to reach a 99% deliverability rate, an unmatched level in the industry.If your marketing seminars by mail your missing the boat not using Wall Street List!


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