The Currency Market Is A Promising Environment To Find Traders & Investors
While currency, or money, is usually thought of as the end goal for many businesses, there is actually money to be made in money itself. The currency market is a volatile one, and because it is tied to the geopolitical landscape, there are always ups, downs, shake-ups, changes, opportunities, and crises that affect the values of different currencies. Because the vast majority of currencies are tradeable on the market, this also means that considerable opportunities to exploit the latest developments are different currencies pair with each other.

As a result, the currency market is an incredibly lively one, with many traders jumping in all over the world at all hours of the day, as different trading markets open and close across the continents. This is a market that is always active and has investors all over the world, including in the USA and Canada. It can be a high stakes gamble, and, unlike some markets, produces results fast, so a certain type of investor tends to congregate in currency trading circles, and for some businesses, this is precisely the kind of investor you want.

An Ancient Market
Currency trading is, in actuality, one of the oldest markets in human civilization, preceded perhaps only by the commodities market. As different cultures created their own currencies, some types of equivalencies had to be established to facilitate the exchange of goods, and it was in these differences that currency trading was born.

Today, currency trading happens on the Foreign Exchange Market, or Forex. The Forex market is the largest market in the world, with a daily exchange of over 4 trillion dollars versus an average of about 25 billion daily on the stock market. Ironically, despite being the largest market in terms of total transactions, it is, when looking at “products,” actually the smallest. The stock market, for example, trades in thousands of stocks from different companies, the commodities market is similar for thousands of various raw materials and precious metals. The FOREX, on the other hand, deal primarily in only about 20 significant pairs of currency trading, vastly simplifying the trading options compared to other markets.

How It Works
Trading always occurs in pairs, such as the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar, or the British Pound and the Japanese Yen. The values of these currencies are in a constant state of fluctuation due to numerous factors. A country’s current economic fortunes, or woes, the break out of war, or even a natural disaster affecting a nation’s industrial infrastructure are all possible factors that can affect the value of currency for that country.

This means that purchasing a currency at one point in time, at a particular value, can mean that as more time passes, fluctuations on the Forex can change the value of that currency once it is traded back on the market. In other words, it is possible, with currency, to “buy low and sell high” in the same way that stocks or commodities can be traded. However, these fluctuations can occur rapidly, all the time, every day, which is one reason why the Forex market is the only that is constantly active throughout the week and year.

Finding The Traders
Because of how huge the Forex market is, there are a variety of different traders. Some are on a comparatively small scale, using smaller amounts and speculating on results, rather than trading actual currencies, such as binary options traders. But then there are more serious, high stakes traders, possibly even accredited, allowing them to deal in securities that go beyond the safer, more protected, and regulated markets due to their qualifications.

Accredited investors have more diversity, flexibility, and raw capital at their disposal when it comes to trading. Many accredited traders have current market trading as just one aspect of their portfolio, and often pursue many different interests to have a robust, diverse array of investments. This kind of diverse portfolio leaves them less vulnerable to market changes. For example, someone that is only focused on stocks in the technology sector will suffer badly in there’s a significant shake-up in that sector. On the other hand, someone with investments in currency, commodities, technology and industrial stocks will experience much less loss, since the other investments in the portfolio are not as adversely affected, if at all.
All of which is to say that accredited investor leads are a good source of opportunity for businesses, but finding these current market traders in the US and Canada can be a challenge.

Wall Street List Is Here To Help
Wall Street List is, first and foremost, a service with a specialty in database acquisition, maintenance, and dissemination. Tracking down a comprehensive list of accredited traders in the Forex markets of the US and Canada is not an impossible task. Still, for the average person or business starting from scratch, it takes a lot of time, effort, and investment to complete the listing. Wall Street List, on the other hand, specializes in exactly this.

We go through numerous sources, from people filling out surveys to newsletter subscribers voluntarily submitting information, we have a variety of different methods to legally, ethically compile this data. Moreover, the detail of the data we receive allows us to filter and categorize these lists into even more detailed demographics and characteristics for more precise targeting. We can divide up lists by age, gender, past investments, and even liquidity.

This means our clients can get exact data on desired demographic markets to target. With that information in hand, it raises the chances for more engagement, more interest, and a more positive response. With quality accredited investor leads, even if the numbers are not as high as on a typical mass-market list, the more precise targeting results in a higher chance of positive interactions and sales.

Let Us Help
If you’re ready to approach and market to accredited investor leads, Wall Street List is here to help. We can even offer additional services in the form of digital marketing, turnkey direct mail solutions, and even telemarketing for your market and promotional needs.

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