For The Big Investments, You Need To Know Who The Players Are
To some, the stock market is a barometer for the economy itself. Whatever is happening on the stock market is a reflection of the financial health—and psyche—of the economy, reflecting concerns, fears, or even euphoria when things are good. For others, the stock market is a sometimes dangerous, but always lucrative casino. Some risks and gambles are taken here, some random, some even guesses. But for every investor that makes a poor choice based on gut instinct, some clever investors see the signs of a winner and make the right trades to gain considerable profit.

Some people make a profession out of interacting with the stock market, having cultivated the knowledge, experience, skills, and even instincts to know how to maximize the ‘buy low, sell high” mantra of stocks. These people are known as stockbrokers, and they wield an inordinate amount of power and influence this economic environment.

A Competitive Profession
Stockbrokers are like the elite soldiers of the stock market. If high net worth investors are the generals, with the resources to lead a force to victory, it is the stockbrokers who know the terrain, understand where the opportunities are, and use those resources to make that victory happen. In other words, they are the professionals who know the stock market, study it, and, in theory, are the experts about where the money should go for investments, where the crises are that need to be avoided, and what strategies should be employed to protect and grow investments for sale at a profit at a later date.

Because of their specialized, in-depth experience and knowledge, stockbrokers are highly valued. They provide financial advice on which stocks should be bought, held in the meantime, or sold. They also, however, have a professional license to conduct trades. Stockbrokers are part of the chain that either act on their own discretion, or with orders from a client to buy and sell stocks in the market.

Being a stockbroker is an extremely competitive, high stakes profession. It’s not unusual for some trades to involve hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, often client funds. There is an enormous amount of responsibility placed on the shoulders of stockbrokers, and, as such, an expected amount of professional certification. No one can simply call themselves a stockbroker and then get on the stock market and start making trades. Stockbrokers must have professional recognition, and, in many cases, professional association with a larger organization, such as Stock Brokers Association.

A Professional Organization
A Stock Brokers Association is not a government group. This is similar to a union, in that it is a self-regulated organization created to allow stockbrokers to share information and engage in industry discussion with peers for both personal and collective professional development. The National Association of Stockbrokers is one such organization, with chapters in all major American cities and even a few in neighboring countries like Canada.

The NAS alone has over 20,000 members, consisting of stockbrokers, analysts, money managers, and other professionals. Luncheons are held every week in different cities where chapters are present, and the NAS members regularly interact with both the clients and the companies that they trade with on the stock market. It is a large organization that provides a lot of value to its members.

Why A Database Matters
For businesses, getting access to a stockbroker association database creates many potential opportunities. Stockbrokers, analysts, and money managers are both advisors and decision-makers. They can tell clients where their funds are bested invested, or, if given the discretion by clients, they can act on their own initiative, making trades on behalf of their clients based on their own knowledge and experience to take advantage of certain timing within the stock market when a fast response is required.

In other words, a database on stockbrokers who are members of an association is a condensed list of influential people in the stock market. For people that have businesses that are going to make their IPO, recommendations from a stockbroker can mean a considerable boost in purchases of that stock. It can even mean direct investment from others if the stockbroker advises others on such a financial move as an early strategy that will eventually lead to IPO.

Finding The Right People
For many businesses, there is an advantage in getting access to stockbrokers and being able to market or promote certain products, services, or even proposals. But finding these stockbrokers can be a challenge. There are thousands of stockbrokers in the United States alone, with over 20,000 being members of associations like the NAS, but getting those names and relevant contact details can be challenging. Not every stockbroker is prominently featured in the headlines of a business or finance section of a reputable publication. And while it’s possible to try tracking down these names through public records, this can be a tedious, time-consuming activity, especially with the amount of effort required to get contact details.

We Can Help
Wall Street List has already done all the comprehensive investigation, legwork, and, most important of all, verification required to compile a list of stockbroker association members. For businesses, this is fast, reliable access to a complete list of vetted names for active stockbrokers that are members in good standing with the stockbrokers association. Complete listings of contact details for a physical mailing address, email, and telephone numbers are included.

With this database, companies can forget about spending valuable resources on tracking and investigation and put their efforts toward marketing and promotion that is precisely targeted to the stockbroker community. We can even help in this regard, with additional services such as telemarketing or a complete turnkey direct mail solution that guides you every step of the way, from the planning and conception phase to design, production, and distribution of the materials when the time comes. Contact us today for more information.

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