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If you’re a business that is looking to expand by finding more entrepreneurs and investors to fund your company, you know that marketing and promotion are essential. There are plenty of people with the funds to contribute to seeding a business and helping it grow. Many of these people are interested in getting in “on the ground floor” to be a crucial investor in a company’s success story and reap the rewards of that growth.

However, investors can only do this if they know about the investment opportunities available to them, and they have the information they need to decide acting on an investment. This can be a big challenge for many companies, especially if there isn’t an extensive budget for travel and hosting meetings to convince investors personally. Fortunately, other alternatives exist besides traditional meet and greets. One of them is appearing on Newsmax Finance magazines and email alerts.

What Is Newsmax Finance?
Newsmax Finance is part of the Newsmax Media empire. Started in 1998, Newsmax Media was one of the early media companies to take advantage of the potential the Internet presented. Thanks to the ease of distribution and dissemination of information on the Internet, Newsmax Media, and its associated departments, like Newsmax Finance, quickly grew to become a staple of Internet media, particularly among conservative Americans.

Today, Newsmax Finance is a trusted source of financial information for many investors, not just in America, but potentially the entire world. It regularly releases magazine/email styled updates in addition to regular articles and broadcasts about the state of finances in the USA and throughout the globe. For many investors, this is the type of information they rely on to make crucial business decisions, and appearing in a Newsmax Finance publication builds a lot of awareness. It gets many eyes on a business and its investment opportunity that otherwise might never have happened.

Who Follows Newsmax Finance?
Newsmax Finance, being focused on business and financial news, is already known to attract a certain type of demographic. The audience that typically watches and reads Newsmax Finance material are:

  • 86% donate to charitable and/or political causes
  • 84% homeowners
  • 82% shop online for vitamins, software, travel-related issues and books
  • 75% investors who invest in stocks, bonds ETFs and mutual funds
  • 65% 45 years or older
  • 60% male, 40% female
  • 30% spent over $1000 online within the last year
  • 41% have a net worth over $500,000
  • 26% small business owners and operators
  • 21% invest in gold and other precious metals
  • 20% in a senior management position
  • 17% have a net worth over $1 million

This is clearly a very significant range of demographics, providing a lot of good data for businesses doing their market research and trying to define the characteristics of the target market.

Why Do They Follow Newsmax?
As the name indicates, Newsmax Finance is all about business and economic related news, so the people who read it, aside from their demographic characteristics, are active followers of business and finance for numerous reasons. Many of these viewers and readers are on the affluent side, and aggressively follow other media fixtures and publications, including:

  • CNBC
  • Fox News Business
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Barron’s
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Kiplinger’s Magazine
  • Morning Star Publications
  • Money Magazine
  • Agora Financial Newsletter
  • Money Map Financial Newsletter
  • Porter Strawberry Financial Newsletter

And many more, including a variety of different individual financial advisors as well as investment gurus such as Warren Buffet.

Who Should Be Reaching Out?
Many businesses would benefit from getting “on the radar” of these demographics. If your business is involved in or associated with:

  • Stocks
  • Trading Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Dividend Stocks
  • Gold & Other Precious Metals
  • Mining Stocks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Offshore & International Investments
  • Crowdfunding
  • Private Placements
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Insurance
  • REITs

And more, then these readers and viewers are the types of leads you need to grow your business. People who consume Newsmax Finance and other similar publications are proactive and aggressive about their funds and investments. There’s a high interest in increasing wealth, so responses are much higher.

What Should You Be Offering?
If you want to maximize your chances of engaging with this audience, and you’re in the right business, then it’s just a matter of providing the right content or offers to generate interest. Business with the right focus will get more attention if they appear on Newsmax Finance magazines and newsletters with content such as:

Registered Investment Advisory

Investment Offers

  • Health
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Second Home Offers
  • Retirement Home Offers
  • Stock Promotions
  • Investor Relations
  • Trading Services
  • Managed Accounts
  • Bank Offers
  • Financial News Letters
  • Trading Services

And others. This is just an introductory list of relevant products and services; many others are suitable for the demographics attracted to this publication.

We Can Help
Wall Street List can help businesses that want to generate leads through more traditional means like making phone-based inquiries derived from marketing they’ve seen in Newsmax Finance. Because the demographics of the publication, on average, skews slightly older, this means that telephone inquiries are still a significant form of outreach that these clients and customers are familiar and comfortable with.

However, that doesn’t mean Wall Street List is only limited to older forms of marketing and communication. Wall Street List is up to date on the latest strategies and technologies involved in marketing, promotion, and lead generation. Digital marketing is a key component of many marketing approaches today. We can help our clients use both traditional, such as telemarketing approaches and digital means of lead generation, like email and other targeted digital marketing efforts to grow their business. We also have extensive lists of our own that have been carefully compiled for relevancy and specificity, whether you’re looking for an age demographic, such as retirees, or a financial demographic, such as people with mortgages.

So if you’re thinking of reaching out for more leads that result in more investment, consider marketing on Newsmax Finance and handling the leads that come from that as a result of digital and telephone inquiries. We have the experience to handle your needs and get you the increased business that you’re looking for.

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