NCOA – National Change of Address Processing

Keep in touch with your customers that moved with Wall Street List NCOA Link. The US census bureau reports that over 55 million citizens move every year. When you use NCOA Link you will keep your customers records updated. Wall Street List provides this service private parties, general consumers, and businesses. Have Wall Street List keep your database updated today! Keep in touch with valuable customers now!

  • Keep in touch with your current customers  by obtaining their current addresses.
  • Remove unwanted and undeliverable addresses from your database.
  • Reduce Postage with new postal rates for NCOA files.
  • Get your mail delivered faster by the USPS with zip+4
  • Regain old customers with 48 month move update

Wall Street List can provide two types of NCOA processing. We have the 48 month move information and update. Wall Street List also provides a reduced price NCOA update for 18 month information update. Choose what service best fits your database needs. Not sure which service is best for your data. Call Wall Street List 212-461-3152 / 800-279-1073 and ask a service representative.

File Size 48 Hours 24 Hours Same Day
< 75M
$45 Min
$95 Minimum
$125 Minimum
75M – 300M
$2.10/M $2.75/M $4.75/M
300M – 500M
$1.65/M $1.95/M $2.85/M
500M – 1MM
$1.50/M $1.70/M $2.35/M
1MM +
$1.25/M $1.45/M Please Call

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