If You Want High Profile Investors Outside The USA, Consider Dubai
For some who only pay attention to domestic events, it may seem like the USA is the only country in the world with wealthy investors and large, powerful multinational corporations. However, this is not and has never been the case. Before the USA existed, for example, England was one of the most powerful countries in the world economically. In the 21st century, many economies are experiencing explosive growth, such as China, or nations in Southeast Asia, like Singapore.

One such nation with a high population of accredited investors is Dubai, a territory in the middle east region. For people that don’t follow the geopolitical landscape, Dubai is an economic powerhouse of the area. There’s a significant population of active, engaged accredited investors in Dubai, playing the Dubai stock market as well as other international markets including Forex the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. They represent a range of potential opportunities for different businesses.

An Affluent Nation
The Dubai Emirate is one of seven emirates in a collective known as the United Arab Emirates or UAE. Historically, an emirate was a territory with ancestral rule controlled by someone with the title of “emir.” In the 21st century, more modern government systems have replaced these traditional political structures in practice, if not on paper.
The Dubai Emirate has as its capital the city of Dubai, an important regional hub for trade and an example of the rest of the world of rapid, aggressive economic expansion. While those that aren’t familiar with the world stage may think that the middle east is a desert region plagued by terrorism and poor living standards, this is not an accurate representation of the entire area, and certainly not the case in Dubai.

Dubai, as with much of the UAE, has benefited from the abundant reserves of oil in the region. They have taken the wealth accumulated through the sale of oil and put it into the very aggressive development of the capital city itself. Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, with a high standard of living, and a very dynamic business community.

Potential Investment
As a result of the abundant wealth of the emirate, many people in Dubai are affluent. They have the financial resources to finance a variety of different activities. Investment is, naturally, one of those choices, whether it is property investment, looking at promising startups for venture capitalism, or even as angel investors, and, of course, playing the stock market.

With trade on the markets, this takes many different forms, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and other securities. It also encompasses some of the newer approaches, such as currency speculation on the Forex market, or options and binary options trading. In other words, the business and investment community in Dubai can be just as diverse, proactive, affluent, and engaged in the financial world as similar investors here in the United States and other developed countries.

This creates some real potential for businesses. Investors are always on the lookout for new opportunities, or beneficial products or services that are relevant to them. Contacting them with the right product or service, can, with good promotional efforts, result in increased business. Someone with interest in real estate, especially for renovating properties and reselling, for example, may be interested in renovation related services, such as plumbing, electrical, floor tiling, window installation or roof repair/restoration. It’s just a matter of aligning the right product or service to an interested party that would benefit.

Reaching Out
For businesses in the west, however, this can present problems. Under ordinary circumstances, finding the right approach to an investor in America is already challenging. Many of them are private citizens that fly “under the radar.” They don’t get any prominent coverage in the headlines of the financial or business section of a news outlet. The high profile individuals that do get this kind of coverage are targeted by thousands of others for similar marketing, promotion, and proposals, making them an incredibly scarce resource.

But take the anonymity of a less prominent investor and move it over to another country that doesn’t even share the same language the challenge grows by orders of magnitude. There’s ordinarily a lot of time, effort, and even expense involved in trying to track down individuals for targeted marketing, promotion, or proposal efforts, especially when it comes to getting the relevant contact details. When those people are citizens of another country on the other side of the world, the problems are even more pronounced, especially if there is a language barrier.

We Can Help
Wall Street List specializes in database compilation. We do all the legwork, investigation, and, most importantly, verification to ensure our lists are accurate and current. When you use information from Wall Street List, you get carefully vetted names, complete with contact details like physical mailing address, phone numbers, email address, and even Fax or SMS/Text messaging contact points if desired. What you won’t get is outdated information where the recipient is not at the address or has been deceased for several years.

And if you’re looking for help with your marketing and promotion efforts, we can help with that too. Telemarketing, for example, can be an effective but resource-intensive marketing and promotion technique. However, we can provide full telemarketing services for those that want it. Direct mail is a cost-effective, traditional way to communicate detailed marketing and promotional information, and we offer a full, turnkey solution. From the very first steps of conceptualizing a direct mail piece to the actual printing and the final distribution using one of our lists, we can help with every phase of the campaign.

So if you’re ready to reach out and engage with Dubai investors, we can help. Contact Wall Street List and let us provide you with the database you need, filtered to the metrics you want, whether it’s Dubai investors focused on oil and gas, or accredited investors looking at a broad array of different options, we’ve got the list for you.

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