Understanding Newsletter Broadcasting As A Marketing Strategy

Reaching one’s target audience is a crucial consideration in creating marketing strategies for a company. Knowing how to properly deliver your message to the right people is necessary for achieving your desired growth.

The advancement of technology has opened many doors. From traditional campaigns to modern techniques, a company needs to keep up with the trends to avoid being left behind by the competition. Wall Street List can help companies maximize return on investments. Aside from knowledge of the technical aspects involved, our team also offers assistance in every step of a campaign from conception to delivery and tracking.


Nowadays, many business owners tend to focus on creating visually appealing content to attract their target audience. While this is an effective technique, the use of tried-and-tested methods can also generate much wanted leads.

Newsletters are among the best communication tools a company can use. Generally, these are regularly distributed publications for specific subscribers. Traditionally, this involves printed copies, but times have changed. Emailing newsletters is also possible. This way, you can easily connect with your clients, followers, employees, industry leaders, and even investors.

  • You can use them to share information and gain attention.
  • They help build your credibility and enhance relationships with various stakeholders.
  • They are easy to deliver.
  • You can use them to advertise new products and services.

Newsletter email distribution is generally cheaper compared with having print ad campaigns. You can even do it more frequently. Additionally, it opens doors for more rapid response. Thus, you can easily track progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your message.

Reaching Out To Investors
A company’s investors are there to help financially. Their experiences can offer great insight into the industry. At the same time, they can provide more resources and connections. However, that does not mean you only reach out to current and potential investors when you are in need. Strong communication is necessary to build a professional relationship with them.

So how does Wall Street List fit into the picture? We can help you reach out to investors and provide assistance in creating a process to communicate with investors.

You can opt for our direct mail product, which gives you access to a print facility that can produce up to 25,000,000 mails monthly. Another option is to distribute newsletters through email, depending on your tailored offer.

Having a mailing list allows you to reach more opportunities. At the same time, it gives investors a medium that will help them find investment prospects. You can target specific industry investors. Wall Street List has comprehensive mailing lists that we came up with using unique enhancement processes. We also update them regularly to ensure accuracy.

Accredited Investors List
A business entity can use various tactics to set up a marketing strategy. You have to properly select networks to target the right investors. Among the challenging targets for many businesses are accredited investors.

Who are these people? Accredited investors have special privileges, and they are on a different level compared with the investing public. They make up only a small percentage of the investing population.

An accredited investor in the United States is someone with a minimum net worth of $1,000,000, excluding the value of the person’s primary residence. It may also be someone who has earned an income of at least $200,000 annually for the last two years, $300,000 combined income if they are married.

They can deal in securities that may not be registered with financial authorities. However, they have to satisfy certain requirements related to their income, asset size, net worth, professional experience, or governance status. Basically, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses the term “accredited investor” to refer to financially sophisticated investors who have a reduced need for regulatory disclosure filing protection.

Private Placement Investments
Some people may wonder why they should even care about accredited investors. A common way to raise financing, especially for startups, is through a private placement. Doing this allows them to grow while avoiding public scrutiny that comes with an initial public offering (IPO).

A private placement like an IPO involves the selling of securities, but you do not have to register the sale with the SEC. You also do not have to provide a prospectus to possible investors. Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1993 exempts private placement offerings from registration. It also allows an issuer to sell securities to pre-selected investor groups.

In private placements, you can only sell company equities like bonds, stocks, or securities using a private placement memorandum (PPM). You cannot market them to the general public, so only accredited investors can participate in such transactions.

If you are planning on reaching out to potential accredited investors for your next business project, then you can benefit from Wall Street List’s Double Opt-In Newsletters. With these, you can easily target active accredited investors with the right experience.

Other Investors
Aside from accredited stock investors, Wall Street List offers various industry-specific digital newsletters for broadcasts.

  • IPO Investors
  • BIO Tech Investors
  • Oil and Gas
  • Alternative Energy
  • Startups
  • Bond Investors
  • Gold Investors
  • Angel Investors
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Hedge Fund Managers International
  • Stock Broker Association Members
  • Annuity Holders
  • Option Traders
  • Cryptocurrency

Among the budding investment opportunities is cryptocurrency or digital currency. It is gaining popularity because it offers an alternative type of investment. However, some companies may find it hard to get their hands on a reliable cryptocurrency investors list.

That is why Wall Street List has created exclusive currency market traders’ mailing lists. If you need assistance in getting in touch with these traders and investors, we can help you out. Additionally, our mailing lists include investors who are highly responsive.

Newsletter Broadcasting With Wall Street List
Using newsletter broadcasts to communicate with potential investors is an effective way of providing them with important information about your company. It may also help attract them so you can gain investment leads. With the help of our team at Wall Street List, you can have a targeted marketing strategy that will enable you to reach the right people every time.

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